Awning for Large Areas – The “pergola stretch” offers all-round weather protection

Manufacturer markilux has brought another “pergola awning” onto the market. A “stretch” version. The toothed belt-driven operating system makes it possible to offer even larger sizes. The use of waterproof fabrics protects reliably against rain as well.

The “pergola stretch” from markilux offers suitable protection against both sun and rain. The hospitality sector in particular benefits from this as the system creates an area in the open air where guests can sit at almost any time of the day or year. The awning also impresses with its dimensions: Up to 175 square meters can be covered by this astonishing awning model.

Transverse profiles, which move up and down the lateral guide tracks, extend and retract the awning cover in similar fashion to a roof festoon. LED light provides beautiful lighting in the evening and radiant heaters guarantee a cozy atmosphere. The light and heat options can be controlled individually in multi-unit systems. In order to be able to sit dry under the awning, waterproof and highly flame-retardant fabrics are used. It is also possible to combine the awning with vertical or side awnings for privacy and wind protection.

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