Are you squeezed for time? Why not try our quality Vanilla Bean Paste in a tube.

It has been specially created to provide top-quality vanilla in an easy and versatile form, with no wastage and less flavour bake-off. Each tube has a two-year shelf life and contains the equivalent of 20 pods, seeds and all.

Put it in coffee, porridge, smoothies and ice cream, rub it into meats like duck and pork, use it in your cakes and bakes, or as a marinade for fish! Sweet and savoury alike, LittlePod products are gluten free, suitable for vegans and kosher certified.

LittlePod’s responsibly-sourced product range includes our innovative, easy-to-use natural vanilla paste and organic vanilla pods, as well as our extracts of vanilla, coffee and chocolate.

These ingredients not only support each other in the rainforest, but are also perfect flavour partners in the kitchen.