Everybody in kitchen and bar design would agree that there is no perfect design that works for every user in every occasion.

Especially, when it comes to bar design. Every inch needs to be precisedly taken care of. But, bar operation is always dynamic. In some hours, the bar station would need to be suitable for prep hours, while in the following hours it may need to have space for a number of bartenders preparing cocktails for the guests and the floor.

F&D Proje has come up with an innovative system that allows end users redesign their bar layout any moment they need to.

The system is basically composed of different functional modules sitting on top of a giant well.All these modules are interchangable to redesign according to the end users’ needs. fleXtations also helps bartenders work on an ergonomically designed station, as well as having a wide range of functional modules that are designed for bartenders’ use.

Who’s behind fleXtations?

Innovator of fleXtations is a manufacturer and contractor called F&D Proje. Based on 25 years of business experience in Turkey and having accomplished numerous projects in Europe, Asia and Africa, F&D Proje launched its branch in the UK in 2019.

Despite being pretty new in the UK local market, F&D Proje has rapidly gained solid references mostly in London bar scene.World-wide recognized venues such as Nightjar, Bar Swift, Gibson and Amaro have their kitchen and bar systems set up by F&D Proje.

Further info is available on Instagram accounts: @flextations and @fdproje