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BBPA Welcomes Consultation On Low Alcohol Product Labelling

The BBPA has welcomed the Department of Health’s consultation published yesterday, on low alcohol descriptors in the marketing or labelling of alcoholic drinks. This should provide an opportunity to change the rules to help grow the lower strength market and clarify labelling for consumers.

The intention of the Department of Health to use guidance on this issue, rather than the heavy hand of legislation is very welcome. The BBPA has for some time been calling for more flexibility to promote lower strength or ‘lighter’ beers at or below 3.5% ABV. This should extend to labelling descriptors and advertising which will help consumers make informed choices. Current advertising regulations prevent brand owners from promoting lower strength beers as such.

The BBPA has consistently supported initiatives that promote lower alcohol options and BBPA members have long supported responsible drinking initiatives.

Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive of the British Beer and Pub Association, comments:

“The consultation acknowledges that the sale of lower strength products, as an option for consumers, helps encourage responsible drinking.

“BBPA members have responded to consumer demand for a greater range and choice of lower-strength beers, many with new flavours and ingredients. Investment in no and low alcohol beers has drastically increased in recent years.

“Pubs are increasingly providing a growing selection of lower strength alcoholic drinks. Greater clarity in advertising and marketing will allow the lower strength market continue to grow while supporting pubs at the same time.” 

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