Be More Sustainable By Recovering Waste Heat From Kitchen Freezers

Hot water and heating specialist Adveco, introduces the HR001, a standalone Heat Recovery Unit providing a convenient, packaged unit to recover refrigerant system waste heat. Perfect for restaurants and hotels, connecting between fridge and freezer condenser units and a hot water installation, the HR001 utilises the waste heat generated by the compressor.

Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco, says, “A comprehensive series of tests on the HROO1 with a restaurant customer comparing both gas and electric heating systems shows weekly heat recovery averaging at 155 kWh/week per site. Customers therefore not only save money by recovering ‘free’ heat, but this saved energy means less overall power demands and reduced emissions helping a building towards new sustainability goals.”

All components are pre-wired and installed within a grey IP rated housing with mounting brackets, allowing a quick and straightforward installation. The HR001 connects directly to Adveco’s control panels for seamless integration into a water heating installation.

Indirectly pre-heating the incoming mains within a hot water installation, it is capable of achieving temperatures as high as 50°C.

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