beerhawkThe move is part of Beer Hawk’s plans to grow substantially over the next three years and will see the business move to closer transport links to enable more deliveries each day to meet growing consumer and trade demand. The new warehouse development increases storage capacity 10-fold and combines with additional, significant investment in technology to improve the business’s overall efficiency.

Beer Hawk will be using a state-of-the-art PeopleVox Warehouse Management software, with custom-designed picking trolleys and flexible packing areas, to create the most efficient online beer delivery system available. The investment includes developing and training dedicated picking and packing teams to make sure trade customers and consumers alike receive their beer orders in fantastic conditon and with the most timely service possible.

Mark Roberts, co-founder and director of Beer Hawk said, “We have been aware for some time that our business ambitions and customer demands were always going to outstrip the facility in Harrogate that is currently Beer Hawk’s home. Overnight, this move to new warehousing will give us the capability to increase our output approximately five-fold and allow us to experiment with new packaging innovations; our exciting offers and the creative way we present our eclectic beer collections are part of the reason people have such an affinity with Beer Hawk.   Making these types of business decision has been part of the engine room of our success and we are looking forward to the dynamic step forward for Beer Hawk this represents with great anticipation.”