Beer Piper Putting Quality First To Deliver Cost Savings For Customers

Beer Piper, home of the automated beer line cleaning system, are offering a package deal to make beer line cleaning simpler, more consistent and ultimately cheaper by focusing on quality.

For just £175 a month* customers will receive a beer piper automated cleaning unit and all chemicals delivered bi-monthly. This amazing deal also includes installation, training, technical support, a free hygiene starter pack, discounts on other products, as well as use of the dedicated app and portal.

The Beer Piper system is easy to use and can result in major cost savings for customers by reducing the amount of time staff spend on the task – a Beer Piper clean takes just 8.5 minutes! Not only does the system improve staff efficiencies, but it also ensures consistent high quality cleans are achieved every time. The sealed system mixes the neat beer line cleaner with fresh water directly into the lines, ensuring the correct dilution rate regardless of flow.

The superior quality chemicals used and supplied by Beer Piper ensure lines are immaculate and allow customers to serve the best pints possible. Another advantage of this is that with time customers can go longer between cleans. The automated nature of the system also means that there is no need to manually mix these chemicals thus reducing the associated risks to staff.

No CO2 is required with the Beer Piper system so the surging costs of CO2 in the UK need not be a concern. The system also uses much less water than a manual clean so this also adds to the cost savings being made. As does Beersave – a function unique to an automated line clean as it allows the beer that would usually be wasted and poured down the drain before a clean to be sold, ensuring even more money is saved.

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*up to 10 taps