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Bespoke Cooking and Food Preparation Systems

Valentine and sister company Cuisinequip have an exciting range of cooking and food preparation systems on show at Professional Kitchen Show 2019.

The core of the range includes the Valentine Evo 200 – 600 model fryers and new to the stand will be the Evo 2200PP twin pump fryer with oil filtration.

This keeps the oil separate from each tank to minimise contamination and allergy issues. The Evo fryers will be alongside the latest technology from the Swiss manufacturer in the shape of the Alpina 300 Eco fryer.

Stand 430 has a strong display of induction cooking systems from Locher including the Electric Chargrill, Hotstar display trolley and Rustica Electric Steak Grill.

Bottene completes the line-up with its PM50 fresh pasta machine in bold red and the BE90 ravioli machine.

For more information on Valentine Equipment and Cuisinequip call: 0118 957 1344 or visit: www.valentinefryers.com / www.cuisinequip.com

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