Best Bar None Continues To Grow

Best Bar None, the national programme designed to improve standards within licensed premises through local partnerships, continues to roll out new schemes across the country.

The scheme, supported by the Home OfficeAltringham, Sunderland, Barnsley and Southbank/London Bridge are also at advanced planning stage with BBN planned to go-live there later this year.

“The engagement amongst partners across the country demonstrates the willingness of industry to work with police, local authorities and the private sector to create a safer environment for customers, visitors and staff as well as generating a more successful environment for businesses,” said National Coordinator Mick McDonnell.

“There is much evidence of the positive contribution schemes make in increasing footfall when promoted locally, reducing A&E admissions, lowering petty crime and improving public safety.  Our new nationwide measurement system has been introduced to demonstrate the positive benefits of BBN within communities and to the local economy.”

The growing network of regional BBN awards programmes permit local flexibility to address local needs but are based on core national standards.  “The gathering of this new data will enable us to consistently measure key areas of alcohol related crime and disorder and the impact a scheme has locally as well as the contribution BBN makes collectively at a national level,” added Mick.