OiL Chef™ is a global game changer. Having swept up all the significant industry awards this year, the OiL Chef device is certainly a popular breath of fresh air being injected into the world of deep frying.

The OiL Chef device is a small accessory that can be fitted to any deep fryer and doubles the life of your existing fryer oil. This has a massive impact reducing fryer running costs. This eco-friendly technology picked up the best kitchen innovation award at the restaurant & takeaway show at the Excel, London in November and won the “Best eco-friendly frying solution Worldwide”.

Healthier deep fried food? The device helps reduce the cooking times of your food, makes food crispier and maintains crispy texture for longer which is great for food deliveries. The food absorbs less oil, which is healthier and you taste more of the food your buying and less of the oil its fried in. Sounds like a win-win-win. A win for the environment, a win for the business owner and a win for the consumer.

Virtually zero maintenance, no replaceable parts and a 3-year warranty and a money back guarantee, this device is a must have for all deep fryer owners.

OiL Chef can be contacted via their website: www.OiLChef.com
email: oilchef@oilchef.com