Operating in over 3000 venues nationwide, Clear Brew are the beer line cleaning professionals that you can rely on to help reduce waste, save money and time, and improve the quality of the draught products you serve your customers.

At Clear Brew, we understand that recent challenges such as staff shortages and inflation can add pressure to a business.

We are pleased to be able to help over 3000 licenced premises across the country by providing a fully managed, regular beer line cleaning service.

Our experienced technicians maintain dispense quality across both keg and cask lines on an extended frequency. During each visit, your local technician will carry out a full line clean and cellar check to ensure your products and equipment are kept in top condition. Our labour inclusive system comprises of a specialised water fed mixing unit, that uses no electricity or propellant gas, combined with inhibitor technology and market leading chemicals.

This results in a service that is guaranteed to save your venue money, reduce your waste and improve the quality of your draught products.

Our service now includes our new cellar reporting app, paired with our fully managed beer line cleaning service this adds real value to any operator in todays licenced sector. The app has been designed to provide our customers with information related to their cellar and bar on each and every clean. Customers are able to view the ullage, water, labour, and chemical savings they are making on each clean, they will see that standards are being maintained within the cellar and all associated equipment is being cleaned and checked and any possible concerns have been highlighted.

The Clear Brew service combined with the cellar reporting app allows our customers to be confident that their beer, bar, and cellar are being well maintained and managed.

1. Guaranteed to reduce ullage, improve your carbon footprint and save you money.
2. Guaranteed to improve beer dispense quality, protecting yields and sales.
3. Guaranteed to relieve the stress associated with organising staff.
4. Guaranteed to provide professional, fully trained operators.
5. Guaranteed to carry out the first clean FREE of charge and provide a service without any contracts or upfront costs.

‘Great service, always on time and great value for money. Would recommend to any venue big or small. Saves a lot of time and energy when we are all busy.’ Lloyd Price, Proprietor.

We are so confident in our cleaning method that we don’t request a contract and provide an initial survey and clean completely FREE of charge. During this first visit we will measure your ullage and produce a full quotation that will clearly show how much you can save.

BII members’ exclusive offer: 10% off your beer line cleaning for the first 12 months.
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