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Boosts Customer Experience and Business Operations with Cloud Telephony

Running a business in the hospitality sector has many communication challenges. Utilising cloud telephony enables you to face these business challenges by making informed business decisions and provides you with the time you need to focus on your customers.

Evolve IP provides a range of products to help ease these business pain points. But without understanding the value that these technologies bring; how can businesses be expected to invest? Cloud telephony is more than making a phone call, it’s everything else around it that enables a business to collaborate effectively internally and externally with the customer. All of these moving parts to a business’s operations seem small but once you see how disjointed they can become, it slowly evolves into a much bigger business challenge. We look at how we can help you better understand how cloud telephony can help your business.

Focusing on Customer Experience
From taking payment, managing bookings, and responding to queries across a range of communication platforms, the front-of-house team is a busy department. Utilising cloud telephony brings all day-to-day administrative tasks into one space. For example, tools like business analytics, call recording, CRM integration, Property Management System Integrations and even an omnichannel contact centre all support these intertwined platform communications. Providing your team with focus whilst also optimising the team operations effectively.

How do these technologies help? Understanding the wide range of technologies can be a challenge.

Utilising a service provider to act as your trusted advisor will help you with managing this element of your business is invaluable.

• What does Call Recording mean?
Access sentient analysis to identify trends and pain points within the business. E.g., “unable to make a booking”.
• How can Business Analytics help?
Identify business times within the business and ensure you’re sufficiently resourced.
• Why is a Contact Centre important?
Be where your customers are, enabling them to contact you via WhatsApp, Email, or Live Chat.
• What is a Property Management System integration?
Offer simple solutions to enhance guest experience with guest voicemail, wake-up, maid status and guest call charges.

Transforming Operations with Cloud Technology
Technologies available to the hospitality sector come with unique requirements for each business and providers need to work with each business to better help alleviate those pain points. Investing in technology will ultimately increase your revenue and customer retention long term.

Onboarding your team and business to the cloud is a worthy investment into your communications strategy which will give you the tools to grow and scale your business efficiently.

Capturing live data and your current business output gives you a full view of the business and empowers you to invest in the correct areas of the business. To find out more about cloud telephony and how Evolve IP can support your business visit