bourgeeFollowing the huge success of Bourgee Southend-On-Sea, the steak and lobster restaurant reveals exciting plans to roll-out their ‘affordable luxury’ recipe, with the opening of a NEW flagship site in Chelmsford.

Opening on Saturday 1st October within the city’s newly created ‘Restaurant Quarter’, the site will take the brand’s signature decadent décor to a new level, spreading over two floors with a bar on each, alongside seating for over 120 guests. With a focus on luxury dining at affordable prices, Bourgee’s commitment to offering customers the very best quality without the over-inflated price tag has delivered a truly unique positioning for the brand within the crowded restaurant market.

British Master Chef and Director of Bourgee, Mark Baumann explains: “Bourgee offers a premium dining experience that is accessible to all. We source produce from prestigious suppliers, whilst the in-house chefs’ craft these expertly selected ingredients into deliciously creative dishes, all served in a modern, cutting edge-designed venue with superb service and unrivalled atmosphere.

Outside of the major cities, most people’s experience of steak is cheap rubbish cuts in a supermarket that are badly cooked or an average serve in a restaurant. Sure, in the larger cities there are a few good steak offerings, but for the majority of us in the UK, we have to put up with poor quality. We are on a quest to change that! We want everyone to experience the best without having to pay the earth for it. This commitment to quality feeds through all aspects of the Bourgee process.  The talented team of chefs cook the meat on a specialist Josper grill, whilst diners are each given unique graphite blades imported from Germany to cut the meat without tearing. Those that have tried our steak say that it redefines their experience of good steak.”

Critics were sceptical about the appetite for luxury steak and lobster in Southend-on-Sea, and many thought Directors James Welling and Mark Baumann were crazy to invest over £1 million in the Essex venture. Yet the affordable luxury experience has been an overwhelming success with hundreds of thousands of diners walking through the door since it’s opening in 2014, smashing all targets the two had put in place.

Bourgee Director James Welling expands: “Having seen the consumer demand first hand in Southend, we are eager to continue challenging what Essex has come to expect from their restaurant choices, showing customers that they can have the quality dining experiences they have come to know and love from nearby London, without the need for travel or a high credit card limit! The new site at Chelmsford will deliver the ‘experience’ these restaurant goers crave, right at home.

Chelmsford was a natural choice for our second site. Since receiving city status, we have felt a distinct shift in resident’s attitudes – they actively want Chelmsford to become a buzzing central hub and are campaigning for more choice. The council has big plans for the city to deliver this demand, and we’re delighted to be a part of this re-development that will see Chelmsford step up as a major attraction in the UK.”

For the restaurant entrepreneurs, Chelmsford is just the beginning. Further sites have been secured in Bury St Edmunds and Norwich which will see the affordable luxury brand expand into the wider East Anglia vicinity across 2017.

The two add; “Chelmsford really is just the start. For us, it’s so much more than delivering steak and lobster, we’re giving diners a unique, premium experience at a price they won’t balk at. We know that we have a brand that’s really hit a customer sweet spot, and we are excited for the future of Bourgee!”