I have been really pleased to speak again to our restaurant and pub customers as they gradually begin to open their doors and entertain customers. Naturally, they all face new challenges, and we are doing our best to assist.

Using candles, and in particular, oil candles, can be more useful than ever now. When number of tables and diners are reduced, candles create ambience and atmosphere on those tables that are used and help create normality. They can also be used to show which tables are available for use, so rather than remove tables, you can just remove chairs, thereby increasing distance between people, but not making the restaurant look empty.

And there are enough extra cleaning regimes required now, that you don’t need any extra mess from wax candles to be dealt with. Oil candles create no mess, and no waste. They also last for the whole of service, unlike t-lights, reducing the number of times staff may need to visit a table.

Many people have used the lockdown to revamp, refurb or freshen up the restaurant, so now is the perfect time to upgrade to oil candles, from as little as £2.99 each.

To see our full range, and request a sample, visit www.clearcraft-catering.co.uk or call me, Mike, on 01279 731621