Breakfast And Plugs: Hotel Industry’s Biggest Social Conversations

crimsonSocial intelligence company Crimson Hexagon today released a report revealing the biggest social media conversation amongst guests of Europe’s top five hotel chains: breakfast. Inconvenient placement of power plugs was also a big cause of chatter.

The quarterly Travel and Leisure report was written for the European hotels industry, a major driver of the regional economy, to show what guests really think and say. In addition to the above, Crimson Hexagon found:

  • Whitbread chains had the highest positive comments for breakfast; and while Accor had the lowest positive mentions, Travelodge and IHG has the most negative comments
  • When it comes to amenities, Wi-Fi elicited the most unfavorable feedback, especially around the lack of free or high-speed Wi-Fi. IHG, Travelodge, and Whitbread guests were initially thankful for free Wi-Fi, but expressed frustration at time limits or slow speeds. Hilton customers were upset by the general lack of free Wi-Fi, and were displeased at having to pay for in-room Wi-Fi on top of a hefty room rate
  • The inconvenient placement of power plugs in hotel rooms was a major source of complaints
  • Bedding held the most positive feedback from hotel guests, with most describing how well they slept or how comfortable the bed was
  • Convenient location (9%) and comfort and luxury (14%) were among the most popular topics of hotel conversations overall
  • The biggest conversation on social by far however was around hotel recommendations, which accounted for 78% of the overall conversation
  • Hilton garnered the most conversation with 21,355 mentions in 2015. Accor had the lowest with only 3,073

The results point to the importance of hotels taking more than anecdotal, or slow ‘suggestion box’ feedback from guests, and listen to what’s being said online. If the breakfast buffet is cold or lacking, guests will let it be known immediately via social.