Brewery Re-Releases ‘Treason’ Ale To Mark May’s Brexit Deal

AleGrantham brewery Newby Wyke has relaunched its ‘Treason’ beer thanks to Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

Brewer Robert March first sold the seasonal bonfire beer in 2012, with ‘beer pump clips featuring Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

“I had this mad urge to name these two individuals who ruined the country.”

The next year, he decided to do it again, with the beer pump clips featuring other politicians including Nick Clegg, Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron.

Robert said: “One landlady said to me politicians and beer do not mix, but I replied they raise the beer taxes, so we can take the mickey. With what is going on with Brexit, I thought we should bring it back.”

He added: “May is committing treason. It’s a bit of a wind up but she will be going on the beer pump clips next year if we don’t come out of the EU.”

Following yesterday’s “turmoil” in the House of Commons UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “Further ambiguity is unhelpful for businesses and undermines their attempts to plan and invest. We urge all sides to come together to provide the clarity that the country and businesses are looking for.”

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