Brigid Simmonds Comments On Liverpool City Council’s Plans For Late Night Levy

liverThe British Beer & Pub Association Chief Executive, Brigid Simmonds, has commented on Liverpool City Council’s plans to introduce a Late Night Levy. This comes despite strong opposition to the proposals, and a recommendation of the Council’s licensing committee not to introduce the Levy after extensive consultation in March 2016:

“This is very disappointing. Liverpool’s Licensing Committee had rejected a Levy in March, after extensive consultation. Other major cities, such as Bristol and Leeds, have also rejected a levy, which will damage the city’s economy.

“We are looking at whether the Council can reintroduce the measure in this way, without further consultation.

“Pubs are already struggling with high business rates, high beer duty and red tape. This will also undermine partnership schemes between local business, the Council and police, which can produce very positive results.”