British Company Launches Product Range That Reduces the Spread of Viruses By Touch

London based Veraco has designed and manufactured a range of Antimicrobial adhesive pads and wraps to be used on frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, shopping trolleys and handrails.They use ‘Silver Ions’ technology which works by breaking down the biological make-up of micro organisms, in order to stop the spread and reproduction of dangerous pathogens. The products kill up to 99.99% of common bacteria as well as being effective against Coronavirus. Antimicrobial silver technology is not new and has been used in paints and coatings for hospitals, but until now no one has produced a versatile range of solutions that can easily be installed anywhere.

Co-Founder Charles Churchman said,“We knew the technology worked but we want- ed to also create products that looked good and were really easy to use.We have a range of different shapes and sizes, and we can also produce customised designs for our trade customers. In the future, there is no reason why any frequently touched surface wouldn’t be protected”

Veraco is a London based specialist in antimicrobial technology.We design and manufacture infection control products for hygiene-critical touchpoints.

We develop solutions that help reduce the risk and spread of dangerous pathogens to create a much safer, cleaner environment for hygiene critical ‘zones’.

Any frequently-touched surface has a huge risk of cross-contamination and it’s often unavoidable.

We use antimicrobial technologies that actively kills germs on touch.The antimicrobial technology has undergone testing in accordance with BS ISO 22196 and BS ISO 21702:2019

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