Bumper Mothers Day Weekend for Restaurants

Sons and daughters across the UK could fork out as much as £163 million* this weekend on eating out, spa days, flowers, jewellery, according to data from payments processing company, Worldpay.

Worldpay’s analysis of consumer spending patterns in 2016 suggests florists could see takings rise 67%** this year compared to average in the week running up to Mothering Sunday, with Brits shelling out nearly £20 million* on blooms.

As doting offspring look to bag additional brownie points this weekend, Worldpay’s data reveals that many of us will do more than ‘say it with flowers’ in a bid to curry favour, bookings for extravagant spa sessions are expected to rise by 12%** this week. Meanwhile, restaurants are preparing for one of their busiest weekends of the year, after seeing their weekend takings jump 13%*** compared to average last year.

In a measure of who loves their mums the most, Worldpay found that in Northern Ireland spending on treats and gifts is up by nearly a fifth (19%)** compared to an average week, earning residents the title of the UK’s most extravagant offspring. Liverpudlians will also retain their place in mum’s good books, adding an extra 11%** to the coffers of key sectors covered by Worldpay’s spending analysis. Conversely, Worldpay’s data suggests that Londoners could be on the naughty step this Sunday, with spending on flowers and other treats up just 5.5%** during the week running up to Mothers’ Day.

Commenting on the findings, James Frost, CMO Worldpay UK, said: “When it comes to spoiling our mums, we’re seeing an arms race for affection emerge in certain parts of the UK. Not only are consumers splashing out on traditional presents like flowers and confectionary, we’re also seeing a healthy increase in demand for more lavish gifts, including jewellery and spa sessions.”

Frost continues: “Key sectors, notably florists and jewellers, can expect to be busier than normal throughout the coming days, but should also be aware that our data shows a tendency towards last-minute purchasing at the weekend.  Store owners should plan for this, and can forget about a day of rest this Sunday. Leave that for the mums.”