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Mark Liddle LLP

Mark Liddle LLP

Surviving or Thriving?
For too many in the catering business, it is a struggle just to survive, and with the poor weather we have had in the first half of the year, many are facing a real crisis.
You can always try to raise more money to see you though a bad patch, but from experience, we know that many of you will already have large personal guarantees to your bankers, and some will have sunk life savings into your business. Before you throw more money at your business, why not get professional advice?
At Mark Liddle llp, we have a team of specialists who have helped save many business owners from ruin, many times. We know the hotel and catering industry inside out, and we are insolvency advisers, not Licenced Insolvency Practitioners – so we don’t have a legal duty to your creditors be they the bank, tax man or landlord. Of course we will look at the debts and help you sort out what needs to be done, but our focus is to help you, the owners and directors of the business, to find a sensible way out of trouble. So why not call us for a chat – now!

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