CambridgeStyle Canopies have been active working with major PubCo’s since 2005. The company had seen interest grown in providing customers with attractive outdoor areas – be it for smoking, congregating or wining and dining.

There is much evidence to demonstrate that those that have invested in providing outdoor cover have seen healthy returns on those investments, with customers gravitating to pubs where there are outdoor covered facilities.

CambridgeStyle Canopies have developed a range of aluminium and steel products which provide a good 25 year life span. The very latest state of the art Bioclimatic Pergolas have been developed from sunnier climates and adapted to cope with the many variant weather conditions expected in the UK.  CambridgeStyle Canopies have been installed in beer gardens, terraces and roof tops all across the country.

CambridgeStyle Canopies work closely with their clients to provide a bespoke solution tailored to their needs and carefully calculate together the likely return on investment per outlet, be it operating 5,000 or 1 outlet.

Advice to consider;
Do I need more covers
Would I gain new customers
Would it improve ambience for my existing customers
Would it set me apart from local competition
Cost of covered area
Number of  covers
Projected  return on investment timescale. 

This is the current trend and will continue to grow within the hospitality industry. Don’t miss out – contact CambridgeStyle Canopies today!

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