Capitalise On A Varied Tea Offering To Drive Revenue While Coffee Prices Fluctuate

To mark National Tea Day (21st April) purchasing company, Beacon, has released research showing that English breakfast tea still tops the charts with 42% of the Great British public choosing it as their favourite hot drink.

Coffee comes in a not so close second, with 25% of people saying speciality coffees were their favourite, and 15% saying instant coffee topped their list. With coffee prices seeing increases of up to 4.9% this year due to market instability, opportunities to innovate in the tea market are stronger than ever. Working with market-leading suppliers, Tetley and Bidfood, Beacon has provided advice for hoteliers on creating a profitable tea offering.

Reports from Tetley show that the tea market is thriving with a 3.6% rise in growth in out of home tea consumption. Bidfood also values the out of home tea market at £793m per year, so it’s clear that this category is one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Providing her advice, Kelley Walker, Purchasing Manager at Beacon, commented:

“Tea is an iconic symbol of British heritage and a much loved beverage of choice for millions. Recent evidence from our own research and insight from our suppliers highlights the opportunity for growth through innovation in this market. With National Tea Day taking place on the 21st April, we would advise that operators review their tea supply to ensure they are making the most of any opportunities.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Our research identified the importance of tea to the breakfast market, showing that 40% of consumers have tea as their first drink of the day, along with insight from Tetley showing that more than 18% of breakfast occasions involve tea. I would advise leading with an English breakfast tea in the morning, which is the most popular blend among consumers, as well as stocking a range of fruit and herbal teas to cater to a wider demographic.

Take advantage of speciality teas

Speciality hot drinks are on the rise, with our research showing that nearly 40% of consumers now order a speciality drink at least once a week and research from Tetley showing that the speciality category is driving growth in hot beverages. Bidfood suggests that infusions are most popular amongst 16 – 34 year olds, whilst the older generation are more in favour of traditional English breakfast tea, so consider who your main customer base is and provide products that are best suited to them.

Go beyond the standard cup and saucer

Whilst tea may often be seen as coffee’s less theatrical counterpart, Bidfood has identified a desire for a more premium tea experience from customers, reporting that 53% of consumers are willing to spend more on a premium tea experience. Operators should look at everything from the cup to the blend that is used and ensure that all staff are trained to confidently advise on different infusions.

Tea and food pairings

As with the wine and beer markets, food pairing is a growing trend in tea. For example, traditional flavours such as English breakfast complement a hearty bowl of porridge, or green tea blends pair perfectly with noodle dishes. There are endless tea and food pairing possibilities, which can work at any occasion throughout the day to drive revenue. Work with your suppliers to find pairings that work for your business and use these to create up sell opportunities.”

The results from Beacon Purchasing come from a survey of 2,000 UK guests which looked at their hotel expectations and spending habits.