Carbon Savings with Adveco FUSION Hybrid Hot Water Systems

Commercial hot water specialist, Adveco, introduces the FUSION FPH-S range of low carbon, all-electric, packaged hybrid hot water systems. Designed to meet the daily needs of restaurants, cafés, public houses and other small to medium sized business, FUSION harnesses Adveco’s FPi32 air source heat pump (ASHP), a high-pressure ATSH calorifier with electric immersion, controls, and metering. Packaged together this provides a reliable, high-temperature, sustainable and cost-effective system for new build and refurbishment projects.

“For organisations with small to medium basin and sink led hot water demands and a desire to embrace a more sustainable business model, the FUSION FPH-S range provides a single, easy to accommodate, highly effective response,” says Bill Sinclair, technical director, Adveco.“By choosing one of these packaged hybrid water systems you gain optimum efficiencies, lower your carbon emissions and can be assured building regulations are being met for your commercial project.”

FUSION is available in 16 pre-specified variants with 6 or 10 kW preheat and 9 or 12 kW electric top-up which support continuous capacity hot water demands from 257-377 litres/hour.The physical design, dedicated controls, and integrated metering ensure the ASHP pre-heat, and immersion work seamlessly to deliver the highest operational efficiencies.This enables FUSION’s heat pump to supply 50°C for system preheat and offset much of the electric immersion top-up in the calorifier to deliver up to 53%

carbon emission savings when compared to an identical direct electric only system.When compared to an equivalent gas-only system carbon savings of 50% can be demonstrated.