Carlsberg Admits To Being “Probably Not The Best In The World”

PintAs part of a new marketing campaign beer giants Carlsberg has admitted its lager is “probably not the best in the world” following increasingly negative reaction to its product and falling sales.

The Danish brewer has launched a new Danish Pilsner recipe and its “most ambitious and honest” campaign as it tries to lure back disappointed drinkers. Carlsberg has reacted to consumer distaste for its lager by admitting that it was “probably not” the best in the world.

A new advertising campaign declares: “Probably not the best beer in the world. So we’ve changed it.”

The result they say, “a perfectly balanced Danish Pilsner with a crisper, fuller flavour than before. Finally, a beer that lives up to its promise”

Initial research indicates that 59% of UK lager drinkers prefer the taste of the new crisper, Carlsberg Danish Pilsner over the current UK No.1 mainstream lager. ‘Drinker’s interest in mainstream lager has waned because, though the world has moved on, the mainstream category hasn’t,’ says Carlsberg UK’s VP marketing, Liam Newton. ‘At Carlsberg UK, we lost our way. We focused on brewing quantity, not quality; we became one of the cheapest, not the best. ‘In order to live up to our promise of being ‘probably the best beer in the world’, we had to start again. We’ve completely rebrewed Carlsberg from head to hop.’