, Caterers Urged to Ask for the Lion

In light of the recent dioxins in eggs recall in Belgium and ongoing food safety issues associated with non-UK eggs, British Lion eggs is urging caterers to ask for the Lion to guarantee the highest standards of food safety.

The British Lion Code of Practice is the UK’s most successful food safety scheme, with more than 150 billion British Lion eggs produced since its launch in 1998.

In 2017, the Food Standards Agency confirmed that Lion eggs are the only ones that are safe to be consumed runny, or even raw, by vulnerable groups.

All eggs that carry the British Lion mark meet the stringent requirements of the British Lion Code of Practice which ensures the highest standards of food safety. The independently audited code contains strict food safety controls above and beyond EU and UK legislation, and covers more than 700 auditable points from Salmonella vaccination to complete traceability of hens, eggs and feed.

• All Lion hens and eggs guaranteed British
• Hens vaccinated against Salmonella
• Complete traceability of hens, eggs and feed
• Increased hygiene controls and Salmonella testing of all flocks and their environment
• Regular egg testing
• Stringent feed controls
• Cool chain starting on the farm
• Eggs stamped on farm with the farm code and production method
• Best-before date and Lion logo printed on the shell as well as on the egg box
• Independently audited to ISO 17065 standard
To find out more about British Lion eggs visit www.egginfo.co.uk or www.eggrecipes.co.uk for egg-based menu inspiration