Oxford Masonic Hall Company Limited was established in 1943 to provide accommodation for Masonic Lodges meeting locally. In 2016 they acquired their current premises (Cardinal House, in the village of Marsh Baldon, South Oxfordshire). Our provision of accommodation for & services to these lodges enables them to focus more of their time on their charitable activities (nationally, Freemasonry donated over £50m to charitable causes in 2020 and provided over 18 million hours of volunteering time).

These new premises were extensively renovated and updated by the Company and includes a fully-equipped, professional grade kitchen. Use of these premises for the caterer’s other commercial purposes is encouraged, with details to be agreed.

Currently some 20+ Masonic Lodges meet at the premises, a total of 70+ meetings estimated for the year commencing 2022. Using 2019 as an example of ‘usual’ trading, over 2200 meals were served in this period. The board considers that 2000 meals per year may be considered a good ‘lower estimate’ of masonic meals required throughout 2022, with the belief that as the impact of Covid-19 reduces this number will increase over the coming years.

The company also actively promotes its facilities for third party useage for social, commercial and charitable purposes and so the total provision of meals is likely to be somewhat higher than this.

The directors are looking to appoint a new catering contractor to provide services (via the company) to its members and other users of the premises.

We hope that our future catering partner would consider this relationship as a source of secure, repeat business.

If you would like to discuss this request for tender (or our process) in any further detail, please get in touch with:
Mr. Tom Boardman-Weston, Director – Tom.Boardman-Weston@omhc.org.uk or
Mrs. Tara Buck, Centre Manager – Tara.Buck@omhc.org.uk