CEDA Members’ Confidence Validated

The latest survey of business confidence among CEDA members shows that their previous optimism regarding sales to July has been born out. The previous survey to April found that 53% of CEDA members felt that the next sales quarter would be better, and in fact almost 60% now say that sales in this last quarter to July were better than the previous quarter.


“We are really pleased that CEDA members have enjoyed a better sales performance than the previous recorded quarter and this despite some continuing challenges to trade and an uncertain economic outlook following the Brexit decision. We certainly know from other recent surveys and economic data that the UK’s public are continuing to spend and this means that many operators servicing their needs in foodservice are continuing to invest and expand. That’s good news for CEDA members and the wider foodservice equipment sector.

“Our role in supporting CEDA members and partners with developing their business continues with the 22 action points in the Development Plan launched at the CEDA conference to be delivered by 2022 now underway,” comments Adam Mason, CEDA director general.

The business outlook from CEDA members remains positive with the survey to July also showing that 55% of those surveyed suggesting that the next sales quarter will be better than the last one.2