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Celebrate Summer in Style with LittlePod

Summer is upon us and here at LittlePod we’re looking forward to celebrating picnic season in style!

Proud winners of the 2023 King’s Award for Enterprise (Sustainable Development), we’re on a mission to spread the word about REAL vanilla and its importance to the planet, whilst livening up hampers across the land.

Be it a picnic in the park, lunch on the lawn or a back garden barbecue, LittlePod products will make your al fresco creations – both sweet and savoury – shine like the summer sun.

LittlePod’s responsibly-sourced products are great for the kitchen and the planet alike and in choosing to keep it REAL, you’re making a difference to the farming communities in the Equatorial regions and, much further afield, to the wider world.

Did you know that the precious vanilla orchid replenishes the soil in which it grows? In choosing to purchase REAL vanilla, you can help to preserve biodiversity in the rainforest regions, protecting the fragile ecosystems that are so important to us all.

LittlePod makes it simple to make a difference, so please join our Campaign for Real Vanilla and create something special this summer!

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