CGA Research Reveals Vital Pulling Power Of Sporting Events To GB’s On-Trade

Some 22% of consumers watch live sporting events in a pub or bar, with 20% doing so on a weekly basis, according to CGA research.

As the Premier League football season and World Cup qualifiers get underway statistics from out-of-home food and drink data and research agency CGA have revealed that nearly a quarter of UK consumers visit an on-trade venue to watch live sport, with football being the most popular sport to watch in a pub or bar.

From a sample of nearly 5,000 consumers, the CGA BrandTrack research reveals that 22% visit a pub or bar to watch sport with 73% of those watching football and 20% watching rugby union. Boxing is also highly rated by those watching sport in a bar or pub, particularly among a younger audience.

Sports fans visiting the on-trade to watch live events do so relatively frequently with 20% watching a fixture about once a week and a further 20% doing so at least two or three times a month. Avid fans among the sample (9%) admit going to a pub or bar to watch a sporting event at least several times a week.

“The research reveals how crucial sporting events are to the on-trade, with fixtures appealing across the age groups. Consumers who go out to enjoy sport are also very loyal to particular venues,” commented Phil Tate, CGA’s chief executive.

According to the research, going out to watch a game is most prevalent in those aged 18-34, with 33% of this age group watching sport in the on trade versus 24% of 35-54 year olds.

Lager is the most popular drink when watching live sport (44%), with 21% drinking cider. Average spend on a sporting occasion is £16.75, with Arsenal fans spending the most – £18.64 – followed by Chelsea supporters who spend an average of £17.63 per visit.

“Consumers go out to watch sporting events partly because many key fixtures are screened on subscription-only channels, but watching sport in a bar also gives fans something of the camaraderie they would get at a live game – so they visit for the atmosphere and the chance to enjoy the game with friends. The on-trade needs to recognise the importance of screening various sporting events and use these opportunities as an effective marketing tool,” added Tate.