Recent increases in the National Insurance threshold and National Living Wage should help hospitality businesses to fill some of the gaps in their staff rotas, say workforce management specialists Bizimply.

CEO Conor Shaw said: “The changes will largely benefit part-time employees such as students, who will take home more for every shift they work. If that’s enough of an incentive for them to take on additional hours, then it’s a good result for the many hospitality operators who are struggling to fully staff their business.”

Bizimply’s software helps employers to put the new NI and NLW rates in place quickly, so team members who benefit from the changes will see the difference promptly.

Shaw adds: “These changes will be of some help in filling shifts, but they won’t solve the hospitality recruitment crisis. In the medium term, most businesses will be operating with permanent vacancies – which makes it all the more important to have your existing team working at 100% efficiency.

“That doesn’t mean working staff harder – but managing and motivating them, so that they enjoy their job, deliver better customer service and are more likely to stay with you. Simple things like giving team members plenty of notice of shifts, and ensuring they’re promptly paid when they do work extra hours, can a long way to create a happier, more loyal workforce.”

Bizimply’s software helps businesses reduce the amount of time spent creating staff rotas and sorting out payroll. They estimate a time saving of up to six hours a week using their software to draw up rotas, compared to using Excel or similar.

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