Providing customers with attractive and properly equipped washrooms is essential for an organisation’s image and, of course, for legal compliance. Often however, the costs of maintaining those facilities can far exceed the costs of installing them.

Typically, the biggest expenses are associated with consumables: the ongoing costs of the soaps, paper towels and toilet tissue used in washroom dispensers and equally, the time and labour costs associated with checking and replenishing them.
Consequently it is often helpful to choose larger-capacity dispensers. They will reduce the need for regular intervention and, importantly, help to ensure that guests don’t find them empty when they need them.

In high-use environments, damage and breakdowns can be costly too, so it makes sense to choose well-constructed dispensers made of robust materials. Stainless steel is an excellent choice; it resists accidental damage, wear and corrosion, it’s also hygienic and easy to clean,

Behind-the-mirror systems are an especially durable option. With all the working elements set behind a mirror, dispensers aren’t subject to accidental knocks and scratches and they stay well-protected against tampering and vandalism.

Such systems may cost more initially, but they should greatly outlast less sturdy alternatives and by requiring less maintenance and fewer repairs and replacements, they should incur substantially lower costs overall.

Good washroom equipment can also make an important contribution to the customer experience. Guests will be quick to notice poorly equipped or badly maintained facilities; the condition of the washroom can say a lot about a business. Specifying more reliable washroom equipment will make an important difference, but stainless-steel products offer another attractive feature: they can be produced in a variety of styles and finishes – brushed, painted and lacquered – to match existing corporate branding.

Finally, many businesses are keen to promote sustainability and here, stainless steel dispensers afford another benefit. Made from 60% recycled content, they can be fully recycled at the end of their long working lives. Moreover, Dudley Industries’ products are made in a factory using 100% renewable energy, so their carbon impacts are further reduced. For added peace of mind, they are also supported by up to 10 years’ warranty.