Christmas Tree World has enjoyed a staggering 80% uplift in sales of large and giant artificial Christmas trees to the hospitality sector. Buyers are saying that there are just no large real Christmas Trees available this year and the few that are, are very expensive. A recent change in legislation has meant that imported real Christmas Trees over 3m now need a plant passport, which means they have to be inspected for insects which can hitch a ride on them from continental Europe and potentially destroy our indigenous woodland.

As you can imagine a plant passport is very expensive on a single tree making the cost to the user prohibitive. Market research has indicated that when an establishment spends more money on their Christmas decorations, their customers are inclined to not only spend more time, but also more money, (Source https://stiritupmagazine.co.uk/get-christmas-wrapped/) In addition, customers are more likely to visit an establishment that is full of festive cheer, than one that has not bothered to make too much effort.

Decorating your hotel, restaurant or bar can be fun for the staff to do & bring them some festive cheer before the onslaught of the Christmas party season gets underway.

A large Christmas Tree can have a stunning impact & attract the public from far & wide, just to see the tree. We saw this ourselves, when visiting Trenchers restaurant at Spanish City, Whitley Bay. We went along armed with camera & tripod, to get some images of the stunning installation, carried out by one of our partners, only to find that getting a clear shot was really difficult due to the number of people taking selfies, stood next to the tree. The switch on, of the lights on this tree also attracted a lot of local press coverage for this stunning restoration project.

Social Media is driving a lot of interest in the places people visit over Christmas time, as once images have been shared, lots of people then want to go and see it for themselves. The popularity of a venue can very much be influenced by how many images are posted, shared or tweeted so making sure your venue is looking its best in the run up to Christmas is vitally important.

Why Trenchers chose an artificial:-
• It is far cleaner to use than a real tree
• Real trees can be cumbersome to erect and damage doors etc when installing them
• Real trees drop needles everywhere and damage carpets with moisture
• Real trees bring insects and fungal spores into the building which can cause sever long term damage
• You can choose the shape of tree to fit the space, full, compact, slim or for very tight spaces pencil.
• When real trees dry out they become a fire hazard (https:// interestingengineering.com/
video/this-video-shows-how-your-drychristmas- tree-can-cause-a-deadlyhouse-fire)
• All Christmas Tree World trees are fire retardant.
• Christmas Tree World trees are guaranteed for 10 years but will last at least of 15 years, the cost spread over 15 years makes them far cheaper than buying 15 real trees

Stephen Evans, M/D of Christmas Tree world, said” it looks like there is going to be a shortage of big trees this year, we are getting 2 enquires a day for the giant outdoor trees, up to 40ft, and stocks are limited, when they are gone, they are gone”