Cinders Celebrates 35 Years of Barbecue Excellence

Commercial barbecue specialist, Cinders Barbecues, is celebrating the 35th birthday of its Classic barbecue and putting out a call for photos and stories from any Classic owners who are still operating a Cinders barbecue bought more than two decades ago.

The Cinders Classic was born when Cinders’ owner, Bill Cooke, saw a gap in the market, when organising events through the sports and social club at his employers at the time, British Gas. Bill came up with the Classic’s design, got a patent on it, and the rest is history. Cinders Classics have sold world-wide and are used by prestigious businesses such as Centre Parcs and Hilton Hotels

This barbecue can cook wafer-thin steak in a minute (30 seconds each side) and will take five minutes to cook a one-inch-thick steak, particularly if just taken from the fridge. The six-foot-long Cinders Classic TG160 thinks nothing of turning out 1000 burgers per day.

Cinders owners who have had their barbecue for 20 or more years will bear testimony to its performance and the fabulous payback they have had on their investment. They will also have some of the best of the Cinders barbecues out there, as well-seasoned Cinders Classics perform fantastically well.

The 35th birthday of this iconic barbecue is also being celebrated with Cinders upgrading its ISO certification from ISO 9001: 2008 to ISO 9001: 2015. This reflects the ethos of a business that has always had an ongoing commitment to quality and never shied away from attaining the highest standards possible, so as to deliver better products and services to its customers.

Karen Swift, marketing director of Cinders Barbecues.
Cinders’ marketing director, Karen Swift, says: “We are looking forward to receiving pictures and stories about those of our workhorse barbecues still in operation after 20 years of service. We may even find some of the original ones sold 35 years ago. That says it all when it comes to our barbecues’ design and performance – something that makes the whole of our team very proud. We believe nothing else comes close to our commercial barbecues and, with our ongoing commitment to excellence, that is how we feel things will stay.”

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