During these uncertain times, we must be equipped with the right tools to fight contaminates.Axair offer state of the art air cleaning systems for any indoor environment to help improve air quality and prevent the spread of disease.

Wellisair is a patented air disinfectant air purifier with the innovative technology to disinfect, purify and clean the air and surfaces with nature’s mechanisms removing 99.9% of all hazardous elements.

How Does Wellisar Work?

Wellisair uses technology that generates and expands hydroxyl radicals (OH) that by oxidation eliminates virus, bacteria, allergens, moulds, odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) up to 99.9%.

OH is a powerful purifying substance that is generated naturally by sunlight, ozone, and moisture in the air, and it harmlessly disappears along with other air pollutants. Once the oxidation process has started, the effect called “respiratory explosion” occurs, which consists of a series of cascade reactions that produce more hydroxyl radicals, this accelerates the process of eliminating viruses and bacteria.Wellisair produces the same chain effect that efficiently purifies and disinfects the air and surfaces of an area up to 60m2.

The Wellisair is available to buy online at www.axaironline.co.uk.

To find out more about our clean air solutions please email sales@axair-fans.co.uk or call 01782 349 430.