Clean Rooms, Happy Staff And Wi-Fi: The Secrets To Positive Hotel Reviews (Oh And No Ghosts!)

Guests have simple requirements in what constitutes a positive hotel experience, according to a new Qualtrics survey of 1,000 recent hotel guests. Clean rooms (76%) and Wi-Fi (65%) are the factors that determine a positive stay, while 57% of guests cited unfriendly employees as the reason for a negative experience. Surprisingly, one in 10 people have had a bad stay in a hotel due to a haunted room.

The survey by experience management specialist Qualtrics highlights the importance of online reviews to hotels. Two-thirds (67%) of hotel visitors say they read guest ratings when deciding where to stay and 61% won’t stay in a hotel with less than three stars in an online review. However, only 24% of hotel guests who have had a bad experience have written a negative review.

Other findings from the multinational survey of hotel guests include:

  • 34% of guests who stay at 5-star hotels have cried because of a bad hotel experience
  • 19% have snuck a pet into a hotel room
  • 23% of smokers say they have smoked in a non-smoking room
  • 18% have had a hotel experience that was so bad it has ruined their vacation
  • 24% say a bad hotel experience has led to an argument with their spouse or partner

“Online reviews are clearly an important research tool for consumers, but given the low percentage of people that fill them out they are often not representative. Hotels need a much more comprehensive, always on view of the guest experience to identify specific areas for improvement,” comments Gilly Harrison, Travel Industry Director at Qualtrics.

“In industries like hotels and hospitality, where frontline staff can have a dramatic effect on that experience, the real secret sauce is measuring employee satisfaction and mapping that against the impact on guest feedback,” Harrison adds.