Operators and suppliers have a great chance to reignite cocktail sales when pubs, bars and restaurants emerge from lockdown—but only if ranges reflect the new realities of drinking out.

Research for CGA’s ‘Mixed Drinks Report’ series has shown the relentless growth in cocktail sales before the arrival of the pandemic, including near-double digit growth in 2019. But sales have lagged behind other categories since venues reopened in July—reflecting a shift away from high-tempo and group occasions and the major impact of the 10pm curfew on the late night sector.

Because on-trade cocktails are difficult to replicate at home, drinkers are likely to be eager for them when hospitality opens again.The pre-Christmas market will be very different this year, but as CGA’s director of client services Jonathan Jones told the Morning Advertiser recently, there is a good opportunity to adapt cocktail menus for more relaxed, food-led and small group occasions. Adapting serves, responding to pent-up demand for indulgence and using draught or pre-batched drinks will be among other ways to unlock sales from returning consumers.

The latest edition of CGA’s Mixed Drinks Report is available now, it explores the threats and opportunities facing the mixed drinks category in the wake of COVID-19. The report combines CGA’s volumetric data with consumer opinion across a nationally representative sample of 1,000 cocktail drinkers to give you the insights required to confidently shape your mixed drinks strategy.

To learn more about how the Mixed Drinks Report can help suppliers and operators drive sales of cocktails and mixed drinks, contact Jonathan Jones at jonathan.jones@cga.co.uk.