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Comark Has the Perfect Kit for You!

Sous Vide Cooking is a method of slow cooking that allows for the food to retain much of it original flavor and texture. This has become very popular with the leading Chefs and Restaurants. The food is placed into a sealed vacuum bags and all of the cooking is done in a temperature controlled water bath.

Sous Vide prevents the joint from drying out and maintains all the nutrients and original flavour.

Comark has the perfect Kit for you! The C28 Sous Vide Kit contains a C28 Type K Thermocouple Waterproof Thermometer for reliable and accurate temperature measurement, PK15M MicroTip Penetration Probe, a roll of Sous Vide Foam Tape and a durable case with built in Antimicrobial for protection.

The failure to monitor temperatures adequately can result in loss of products and cause illness outbreaks that can damage consumer confidence in their brand. For those wishing to keep their food safety systems simple, hand held thermometers are an excellent choice. The Comark range includes Dial Thermometers, Digital Thermometers with detachable Probes, Timers and simple Data Logging devices.

To find out more please visit our website www.comarkinstruments.com or call us today +44 (0) 207 9420712.

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