Comesto – Pub and Restaurant Buying and Supplying Made Better

Your business depends on getting good quality products and services from your suppliers at the right price. But finding the best deals takes time…which is in short supply.

Imagine being able to find everything you need for your food and hospitality business in one place – with price comparison, a range of exciting new suppliers and everything from finance to a fast, cost effective method of recruiting new staff.

How much time – and money – could you save?

Especially if that service is FREE!

Comesto gives you all that and a great deal more – and you can pre-register now.

Comesto is the brainchild of entrepreneur Valentine Smith, who had the idea when helping a friend to realise his dream of running a rural pub.
Valentine said: “I was shocked at the lack of joined-up thinking in the industry, especially for new entrants. Of course there’s lots of advice from every organisation that has something to sell, but it’s disjointed and mixed up with sales messages. On top of that the whole supply chain is in a pre-digital condition. What operators really need is a fast, accurate view of what is available; the best prices and fresh deals across the whole range of services and commodities. Comesto provides exactly that for anyone who owns or works in a food and beverage/hospitality operation owners and chefs, new to the trade and seasoned operators.”

Staffed by industry supply chain and marketing experts, Comesto works with wholesalers and industry suppliers to give clients the best of what the market has to offer.

Partnerships with a UK Government procurement hub and a large US tech specialist are soon to be announced… watch this space!

Running your business could become a whole lot easier – and more profitable.

To sign up to Comesto FREE visit or email