Commercial BBQ Smokers Release An Energy Efficient Robata Grill

Wood burning equipment specialists Commercial BBQ Smokers have created the Robata Low Energy Grill, a modernised take on the impressive, multi-level, multi- use machine. Created with energy efficiency in mind, this expert made equipment offers up to 75% in energy savings, when compared to other brands.

Robata Grills are well-known and loved for the fast and theatrical way in which a chef can cook food upon them. Customers enjoy watching their meal cooking on this impressive machine, and are sure to return time and time again for the delicious result. Meat, poultry and fish comes off of the robata grill succulent on the inside, with a beautiful smoky crisp to the outside.Vegetables are made to perfection with that much desired flame grilled edge. This grill is extremely versatile, able to cook a variety of dishes from juicy steak, to chicken and veg skewers, to charcoal baked potatoes.

The Robata Low Energy Grill contains three grill stations, two refrigeration drawers and two hot drawers for keeping food warm, without drying it out. All that is needed is three 3⁄4” gas connections and an approved canopy for proper ventilation.The Robata Low Energy Grill can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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