Designing a kitchen for your home is stressful enough so scale that up to a commercial size then the task can seem over facing.

Between the associated costs and need to get the design and execution of installation right it can appear very daunting, so allow Alliance Online to offer a few tips to help make the process a little easier:

1. Opt for Professional Help: If you a redesigning a commercial kitchen whether it be a restaurant, school, care home or elsewhere always consult a commercial kitchen specialist. A professional will already be aware of common issues that arise and also design with HACCP regulations compliance in mind.

2. Efficiency and Flow: As much as professionals will consider industry standard design, you know how you and your staff occupy your current workspace. In a commercial kitchen you want to minimise the distance your staff have to travel whilst carrying food so ensuring your kitchen is designed with a flow that follows the natural cooking order is best practice.

3. Know Your Regulations: Your designer of choice should be fully aware of all industry rules and regulations but make sure you read up on them yourselves. The HACCP rules are not the only ones you need to consider, an emergency eye wash station should be in situ along with walk-way widths being wide enough to allow for paramedic access. Also check where all your utility inlets are as these will influence your placement options.

At Alliance Online we have over 20 years of supplying the hospitality, healthcare and public sectors with non-food catering equipment which includes capital equipment and commercial kitchen design. Our capital equipment specialists have superior industry knowledge and understanding and are more than happy to answer your queries.

To discuss your commercial kitchen whether it be a new design, or upgrading your equipment please contact Alliance on 01270 252 333 or email us at