In most of the large brewery and restaurant groups, the commercial microwave oven has become a useful tool helping to regenerate previously cooked food plus a great help in cooking vegetables quickly keeping them full of their goodness – let alone the help with preparing sauces and melting chocolate.

Not only does a microwave oven use less power than conventional cooking methods, it saves a great deal of time! Chef know that as long as the correct power level and timing is used then the product being cooked is completely up to the required standard for health and safety.

In most kitchens however, the interior (cavity) of the microwave can suffer from splashes and spills which means that food particles can be left on the ceiling plate, base plate, sides, back, base and lens light cover which, unfortunately, if not cleaned off can become stuck hard and every time the microwave is used the old food can start to deteriorate the cavity causing burning and damage which intern can cause break downs of parts not included in the manufacturer’s warranty.

On all good high powered microwave ovens there is a ceiling plate (sometimes known as a roof liner), is protecting a stirrer system and electric motors and if burning occurs on the ceiling plate then grease and food partials will penetrate the afore mentioned parts causing break downs – break downs mean delays in food preparation and lack of service until an engineer can attend to rectify the faults. Unfortunately the engineer will see that the neither the parts or labor are covered by the warranty and therefore would be chargeable which is often well over a hundred pounds (and in some cases in the two hundred pound region!

This unfortunately this is also happens when the base plate or seals get damaged and the operator is in the same situation – this is where the invention by Regale Microwave Ovens in Hampshire comes in! The directors of the company saw the problems and spent over two years researching and developing the now sought after Microsave® Cavity Liner. The Microsave protects the entire of the microwave’s oven cavity – the ceiling plate – the base plate and lens light cover! All the operator has to do is take the Microsave Liner out, wash quickly in the pot wash, dry and replace and that is the microwave oven interior clean, hygienic and protecting the parts in the matter of two or three minutes – saving hundreds of pounds in repairs yet costing less than one engineer service call!

After several years of success in the UK market mainly with the major groups such as Whitbread and Stonegate, to name but two, plus of course, smaller groups and individual restaurants and pubs, great interest is being made for similar groups in the USA and already orders for several thousands are in the pipe line to be fulfilled.

Regale are proud that in the UK the Craft Guild of Chefs have tested and approved the Microsave Liner and that Panasonic have also endorsed it as an official spare part to be used in their brand of microwave ovens.

Since then, Amana and Menumaster have also endorsed the Microsave Liner CPS2A for use in their range of heavy duty microwave ovens which adds to the list of manufacturers who appreciate it is a great help to the end user keeping their products clean and hygienic. The Microsave can also help to extend the life of the microwave oven which is great news for the environment!

The range of Microsave® Cavity Liners include the CPS1A which is suitable for use in the current (and past range) of the Sharp R22AT, R23AM and R24AT models.

The CPS2A (the most versatile Microsave Liner) was originally designed for the Panasonic NE1800w range (both past and present) NE1843, NE1853 and now is suitable for the new Merrychef 1800w, the Marren 1800w, the Valera 1800w which is all based on a copy of the Panasonic range.

The CPS3A was designed in particular for the Panasonic NE1878 only which is their latest model sporting not only the new ‘inverter’ system which is less expensive to run, but weighs less than 20 kilos.

Following on, the CPS 4A is for the Samsung Heavy duty range and finally the CPS6A which is exclusive to Regale’s WINIA brand.
For full information of the entire range of microwave ovens and Microsave® Cavity Liners, please contact Regale on 01329 285518 or email