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Island-Smoke_28_CZ_1Alukov, the largest manufacturer of telescopic enclosures in Europe, is introducing the unique dome ORLANDO. The pod provides the extra outdoor room many of us need. The use of the pod is endless, you can create a beautiful dining area and enjoy the alfresco experience, tranquil yoga or meditation space, upbeat gym, reading room, funky playroom for children, tea room for grown-ups or enclose your spa. The choice is yours. Alukov offers two shapes, round ORLANDO and oval SUNHOUSE. Both pods are available in two sizes – small and large. There are five colours of the aluminium frame and two polycarbonate fillings (tinted and clear). The structure requires level, solid base (concrete, slabs, decking etc). Each pod has large double sliding doors and as an option ventilation in roof or curtains for more privacy. This enclosure allows you to turn the otherwise rarely used outdoor space into additional seating you can use practically all year around. Orlando Pods are the perfect enhancement to your business premises, allowing guests of your hotel, restaurant or cafe to use your outside seating facilities all year round. It’s like adding a brand new room to your property, and one which has many versatile uses.

For prices ad details call Alukov UK on 0118 909 98 44 or mobile 079 555 22 502, email: info@alukov.co.uk.

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