Cooperation Key To Wales Obesity Strategy

Cooperation must be at the forefront of the Welsh Government’s efforts to tackle obesity, according the UKHospitality.

Reacting to the publication of a consultation to prevent and reduce obesity, UKH highlighted positive work already being taken by Welsh hospitality businesses and asserted that any proposals must be proportionate.

UKHospitality Executive Director for Wales David Chapman said: “As with the rest of the UK, hospitality businesses in Wales are working hard to promote and deliver healthier attitudes to food and drink. Venues have already taken steps over recent years to provide customers with more choice, a broader product range and a greater level of transparency and information. It is vital that any measures eventually introduced by the Welsh Government are proportionate and do not hamper efforts already ongoing by hospitality businesses.

“It is greatly encouraging that this consultation document shares UKHospitality’s commitment to cooperation and partnership working between Government and industry on this matter and we will look forward to continuing to work closely with the Welsh Government to help achieve its aims- but it must be in a way that does disadvantage the hospitality sector in Wales.”