Cornish Hotel Owner Scoops £100,000 Betting On Trump Win

castleA Cornwall hotelier John Mappin, owner of the Camelot Castle Hotel at Tintagel has won £100,000 after betting on a Donald Trump win to be next president of the United States.

John placed a small bet last year at odds of 20 to 1 that Mr Trump would win the Republican Party nomination. He then got further odds of 33 to 1 that Mr Trump would win the presidency.

Initially he placed a series of small bets and a year ago stood to win £44,000. However, after further accumulative wagers, he now collects £100,000 after this morning’s result

A self confessed Trump supporter John earlier this year awarded the President elect an “honorary knighthood” and made him a member of the Camelot Castle Hotel “round table”. Then, in keeping with the strong links between Tintagel and the legend of King Arthur, John sent Mr Trump a replica “Excalibur” sword.

“The Camelot Knighthood and honour is hereditary with the title passing to each of his children and in turn their grandchildren. His wife Melania will be known at Camelot Castle as Lady Melania of Camelot.”