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Cost Effective Care from the Contract Furniture Group

In 2023 the Contract Furniture Group created a Refresh, Rejuvenate and Refurbish service to offer pubs, bars, restaurants, bistros and hotels a way of reinvigorating hospitality spaces that is both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Our dedicated UK furniture refurbishment facility means we can deliver an end-to-end service that means logistics, disposal of irreparable items, reparations and replacement of tables, chairs and a host of other types of furnishings can all be taken care of quickly and simply.

Throughout the year, our collaboration with household names like Harvester and Pizza Express have marked a series of triumphs in nationwide initiatives. A recent highlight was our engagement with The Barn in Chichester, where Harvester’s ongoing efforts to revitalise its existing sites and commitment to sustainability came to the forefront of the program. Beyond elevating guest experiences, Harvester prioritises environmental considerations by implementing a refreshing approach. Instead of replacing worn furniture with new, the brand has embraced a conscious strategy of refurbishing existing pieces. These furnishings are expertly handled by our skilled team, where frames underwent rejuvenation and reupholstering, returning them to their original integrity and aesthetics. This enhancement strategy not only reduces waste but also minimises environmental impact, underscoring Harvester’s dedication to eco-friendly practices. Beyond the sustainability benefits, this approach enables Harvester to maintain a consistent visual identity and safeguard the distinctive character of its establishments.

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