Has supplying your diners with gallons of hand sanitiser left you with the endless task of checking for empty plastic containers or cleaning puddles of sticky gel on the floor?

The people at Super Clean Hands may have found the perfect solution.They are convinced that offering complimentary ‘Super Clean Hands’ sachets to your guests is a more stylish, efficient, and a cost-effective way to boost customer confidence in your business and shows your concern for their safety.

As a plus, Super Clean Hands is made from premium ingredients including aloe vera, which leave hands feeling thoroughly cleansed and soft without residual stickiness or odour. Additionally, the sachets are available in gel format or in infused wipes.

Placed at the bar, on the table, or with the self-service cutlery, or handed out with the bill will provide your customers the opportunity to sanitise their hands at the point of consuming food, rather than at the entrance of your establishment. Super Clean Hands want to deliver safety at the point of consumption and exposure.

Also popping a sachet in with takeaway food is a nice touch for the customers purchasing food for later and an important way to signify your hygiene values to your customers.

And best of all Super Clean Hands will donate 10% of their profits to the National Emergencies Trust who have done such wonderful work helping those worst effected by the pandemic.

Available through distributors, Super Clean Hands come in bulk cartons of 1,000, with an option of shelf- ready dispensers for bars and counter-tops – think pack of tag and envelope teabags!

For more information call 07831 747282 or email angela@supercleanhands.uk