Dining by candlelight is one of life’s little pleasures. The ambiance created by the soft flicker of a flame can make a venue feel intimate, warm, and inviting, elevating a night out to create a more premium experience.

At Bolsius Professional, the biggest candle producer in Europe, Paul Christodoulou emphasises the importance of candles in determining the look of the table setting and demonstrates how well-positioned the company is to serve the needs of catering and hospitality businesses.

As the hospitality industry prepares for what could be one of their busiest times of year, ambiance is high on the agenda as customers crave warm and inviting spaces to kick-back in over the autumn and Christmas period. As night outs may be less frequent but more special, value for money, service and atmosphere have all risen on the list of priorities for those visiting hospitality venues.

Tableware paints a picture
With that in mind, tableware and decorative accents are key elements that need careful coordination if you want to effectively convey your venue’s character or signpost to a theme or event. When it comes to the table setting, our research shows that 89% of diners expect a candle on their table. So, as well as making sure that cutlery, glassware, and table linens convey the desired level of decadence, be sure to leave space for a candle, to heighten the romance, set the mood and draw focus to the table.

A candle provides the perfect ambiance with minimal effort as it is a decorative item that is easy to implement by staff members.

Candles can be lit quickly and arranged in strategic locations to enhance the ambiance and placed in candles holders or candelabras for added elegance. Our own research highlights that candlelight ambiance invites consumers to stay longer and spend more – a key objective for any business.

Bolsius Professional Relight Range
Bolsius Professional’s Relight® range, which is available in a wide range of colours and designs, are created with ease and sustainability in mind, as Relight® refills can be quickly changed or replaced to reflect the season, theme or occasion yet still offer a burn time of 24 hours, or no less than 30 hours for the new Relight® Plus. The refills can be recycled after use making them the leading contemporary solution for using candlelight to enhance the atmosphere in hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Consumers now value sustainability in all areas of their lives: drinking or dining out are no exception and here at Bolsius Professional, we place a strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices in the product of our candles. We keep our ecological footprint as small as possible by sourcing materials locally, and we’ve eliminated palm oil and animal fats – instead, our candles contain plant-based wax from Europe.

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