“Curry War” Advert Removed After Outcry

GBKGourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) has aissued an apology following criticizm for a “curry war” advert with Indian restaurants in its new a campaigns.

The contravercial advert sees a GBK representative outside independent curry houses with a megaphone, bestowing the advantages to GBK’s new ‘Ruby Murray Burger’. The campaign completely backfired on the burger chain, with a large amount of people reacting fiercely on Twitter.

“One of the most astoundingly ill-conceived viral ads I’ve ever seen, which boils down to a white guy harassing British Asians in the street”.

“ Have written a response to Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s deeply flawed #currywar campaign. And ithere’s not much good to say about it” read another.

In the promotional clip, which ran with the tag-line “your favourite curry is not authentic” includes an actor wearing sandwich boards targeting the individual restaurants, with slogans like “Shaad, you’re going to be shattered” and “Bengal Cuisine, we’ve cooked up something better”. It is currently unclear whether the restaurant owners had agreed to be part of the campaign.

In a statement a representative for GBK said: “To those offended by our Ruby Murray video, we humbly apologise. The video was intended to be humorous.

“We know that a burger could never pass off as an authentic Indian dish. Having read your comments we’ve made the decision to take down the content.”