Large bins of food waste are costly to collect and cause hygiene, health and safety, pest and smell issues.

Regular collection costs are rising but one way to cut these costs and improve hygiene is by switching to on-site food waste processing.

Meiko’s BioMaster range features a hygienic stainless-steel hopper which can stand alone or be built into tabling. BioMaster pulverises all typical food waste including oil, grease, liquids, fish skins and flowers. This is then pumped automatically to on-site sealed storage for collection by tanker. Collections could change to being every few months instead of weekly or fortnightly, saving a small fortune.

Meiko BioMaster uses minimal water, is simple and safe to operate, cuts labour and saves floorspace by replacing scrapping bins and wheelies.

BioMaster stops food waste going to landfill and prevents discharge of food residue and fats from plate waste to drains.

BioMaster processes all typical kitchen food waste including oils and fats. The slurry is pumped to storage tanks. Multiple small users such as a high street parade of food retailers or a food court could share BioMaster.

BioMaster inlets prevent double handling. They can be sited in kitchens, prep areas and dishwash, saving labour and improving ergonomics by reducing secondary handling.


There is no need to place BioMaster into a stand-alone location. It can slot into the kitchen. Inlets can be placed within counters or in line with the dishwasher to replace scrapping bins.

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