, Cut the Queue!Brands are losing revenue and reservations because guests and customers are frustrated by queues. In research it’s revealed that 61% of customers don’t visit a venue more often because of queues to be served or to pay.

Today’s digital-savvy consumers now demand a convenient, efficient and fast service, whether that’s in a canteen, quick-service restaurant or at the reservation desk of a hotel. Using mobile apps in day-to-day life means they expect this same availability of smart technology everywhere they go.

48% of consumers said they want to be able to place a food order using a phone app, and out of six various payment options including the use of Apply Pay, consumers chose the flexibility and ease of a kiosk to scan and pay for items.

From a hotel perspective, alternative industry research has shown that mobile apps to access hotel services is more popular than ever, with their use up from 35% in 2016 to 40% in 2018 and the use of mobile devices as room keys up to 17% from 6%.
Standalone apps however are not going to solve customer and guest frustrations alone. Seamlessly integrating apps into till points, kiosks and even online log-in, can ensure a consistent and personalised experience.

This latest research is from Omnico, the leading customer engagement technology provider for the hospitality, catering and theme park markets. For more information about these products and to download the research, visit the Omnico website www.omnicogroup.com